Oscar Simply Tap Shoes



The Simply Tap has the "primotone plates", which to keep our pricepoint low on these ones is not our high end tap plate. If you are looking for a cost effective option, these are just what you are looking for.

Size 2 (21cm), 2.5 (21.5cm), 3 (22cm), 3.5 (22.5cm), 4 (23cm), 4.5 (23.5cm), 5 (24cm), 5.5 (24.5cm), 6 (25cm), 6.5 (25.5cm), 7 (26cm), 7.5 (26.5cm), 8 (27cm)

Brand: PW Dance and Sportswear

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Images courtesy of PW Dance and Sportswear.

SKU: 10886

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