Want to own your own Beulah Grace Store?

If you're looking for a startup to own but unsure how to go about it, we have the perfect solution!  Become a Regional Manager of a Beulah Grace Gymnastics or Dance online store.  We provide you with all you need to get started plus give you ongoing support and guidance as you build your business.  Retain the control by independently owning your own slice of Beulah Grace, but reap the benefits of all the hard work that Beulah Grace has put in over more than 10 years. 

How it Works

Instead of having to purchase a whole business, you can customize your own package and then just pay a monthly membership fee in order to keep using our brand, images and have the ongoing support you need to help your business thrive. 

This eliminates the need for a large capital investment, instead you can just purchase a package to suit your budget and grow from there!  

Unlike with a franchise setup, as you grow, your profits are your own, your monthly fee stays the same.  You have done the hard work to make Beulah Grace successful in your region and you deserve to reap the rewards!

Online Store

As a Beulah Grace Regional Manager, we provide a website complete with images, products and links that you can use to get started.  All our websites are hosted with Rocketspark who have a great reputation and are always upgrading and improving their systems.

You choose the products you want to stock, and we customize your website to suit.  As your own business is independently owned, we give you a login to the site so you can manage your own orders, design and updates.  If you need support we are here to help!  

Please discuss this further with us if you are interested, as website information is quite detailed so we encourage you to talk with one of our team to further discuss the setup of SEO, links to XERO and stocktaking systems, delivery times, product line availability etc.

Rocketspark standard charges apply.  Credit card payment is required and all funds are charged by Rocketspark directly. 

NOTE: Please do not jump ahead and set up your website directly with Rocketspark as you will not have access to the benefits we can offer.  Make sure you consult with us first.

Rocketspark will charge monthly based on the quantity of products you have on hand so we can confirm the cost when you set up.  There is a discount available when paying annually, so we require you to pay the first year of hosting when you first open your Beulah Grace store.  This means you have a year to focus on other aspects of the business which will need your attention.  After the first year, you can switch to monthly payments if you prefer.

Product Range

The fun part is getting to select your product lines!  We have a huge range to choose from and a vast range of colours and fabrics to mix and match, this means that you can design your own unique gymnastic range for your store.  

We recommend a consultation with our team, to get some ideas on colours, view fabrics, find out what's popular, and then set up the store the way you want it!  We can provide visual images of your ideas, to help you visualize the selection you've put together. 

Once you've decided, the Beulah Grace management team needs to approve these to go in your store.  The next stage is for them to be custom made.  Each item we suggest starting with at least 4 of each size (child or adult).  

If we have an existing studio client in the area, we can pass these clients on to you once you are set up.  We can assist with designing a range to suit your clients which will contribute to consistent sales coming through.

By Choosing your own you can select a range that suits your budget.  We can help recommend a great range to start with, that suits your budget and you can build on it as you grow. 

Product Images

You will be given a login to our Regional Managers Hub.  Here you can buy stock, marketing materials and access other benefits.   This is a central hub for running your business effectively, so utilize as much as you can!


Each Beulah Grace store will be working with their own marketing manager.  Monthly meetings will take place with your manager where you can discuss what is and is not working and adjust your marketing strategy to suit your store.  Our main branch is also pushing customers to your website from our main website.

Our marketing strategies require approx $2000 per month to cover advertising costs through providers such as google ads etc.  This is a mandatory expense as we cannot guarantee success if you are not following a preapproved marketing strategy.  


Once you've selected your designs, we send them to production.  The estimated timeframe to complete them is 8-10 weeks.  After Covid there are occasionally delays that we cannot foresee so be prepared to possibly wait a bit longer if there are any issues.  While you are waiting, we finish off the website setup with you, and support you in getting everything else ready to go.

We require you to order first, and have the stock waiting in the store for your customers before it is available online.  Unfortunately due to COVID, many deliveries can be unpredictable, so to avoid clients being disappointed we recommend not offering a custom service.

Financial Services

As you are an independent business you are entitled to select your own accountant.  Please be aware that we have been in business many years and there are many accountants that will not offer the best financial advice to your business.  

Due to this, we recommend using our preferred providers.  Our main accountancy firm is Apex Accounting in Nelson.   Apex Accounting offers a monthly rate that is affordable and spread over the year rather than having to pay a larger sum in one go, which will help balance cashflow in the beginning stages.  

Apex offers GST services, and we recommend you take these as a part of your accounting package.  Having these done professionally each month, can prevent many issues and a lot of time spent at the end of the year.  

Apex can also offer sound financial advice as your run your business and as you grow.  

Please note your accountant will bill you directly.

XERO Accounting Software

As a member of Beulah Grace, we recommend you use XERO as a accounting system.   Using the same system as we do allows us to give you more support if you need it. 

XERO can be securely linked to your website so your information remains private, but the connection will allow sales to be pushed from the website into the accounting system, saving time and reducing the possibility of errors. 

Requirements to become a Member

To run your business successfully with Beulah Grace, you need to have the following

- Experience or qualifications in business management or other relevant experience
- An external qualified accountant (we recommend Apex Accounting in Nelson)
- XERO Accounting System
- Website will be provided by Rocketspark (full support is not offered on other platforms)

Monthly Membership

Your business is set up as a independently owned company so is legally separate from Beulah Grace, this means you have a lot more control over many aspects of your business.  It also means regardless of how well your business is doing, you only pay one fixed fee.  That way, the more successful your business is, the more rewards you reap as the owner. 

To ensure our brand is represented in the best possible way, and to help you make your business into a successful income for you and your family, we charge the monthly fee to allow you access to the following:

- Login to your website, where you can alter or change designs or information when needed (note that major changes need to be approved by our management)
- Use of our extensive image library on your website
- Access to our Regional Managers store, where you can purchase marketing materials, business cards etc
- Advice and Support from our team
- Mentorship meetings with our team
- Recommendations for external services and suppliers
- Access to our Brand Manager for advice or support

Membership Details

As a Regional Manager you are representing the Beulah Grace brand.  All Members must make sure they adhere to the following:

- Marketing Materials must be purchased from Beulah Grace directly.   We cannot approve quality of external providers and have a consistency to maintain between our regions. 
- All tax and legal requirements need to be met on time.  We advise utilizing Apex Accounting to maintain these details for you 
- All company expenses are the sole responsibility of the owner. 
- Stock returns are only permitted as per legal requirements
- Your membership can be terminated if our policies are not adhered to in a satisfactory manner.


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