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Gymnastics Gear now available!

Our gymnastics range has now been moved to its very own website!  Check out to see our extensive range of gymnastics leotards and accesssories.  Purchase an in stock item or customise your own!...

June 1, 2022

Our Showcase Costume Website

Our new Costume website is now fully up and running!  Whether you need something for dressups, recitals or something fantastic for your next stage performance, we have a huge selection of dance costumes to choose from.  Make sure you check out the options at

June 1, 2022

See what's Available Instore!

In a hurry and need something fast?  Check our our IN STOCK COSTUMES.See what's available instore without the wait, and pop down and collect it!...

May 1, 2022

Measuring for Ballet Slippers

Place a blank piece of paper on a flat surface and tape the sides to keep it in place. Ask the dancer to stand with one foot placed flat on the paper. If the dancer wears tights with her slippers, she should wear tights during measurement. Measure bare feet if the slippers are worn without socks or tights. Trace the outline of the foot. Mark the farthest point of the heel and the longest point of the first or second toe. Measure the vertical distance between the two points in centimeters. R...

January 29, 2015

Tips for Beginner Ballerinas

Ballet is a classical form of dance that is very difficult to master. It takes years to learn, and even longer to perfect your technique. With a few tips, you can ensure that you are performing movements correctly and are on track in your education.Ballet Shoes Ballet shoes are specifically designed for the dance. It is vital that you purchase ballet shoes that are the proper fit. Wear them every time you practice. Ballet shoes are important, even if you are a ballet beginner. They should fit sn...

September 17, 2014

The Basic Five Positions

When you begin learning ballet, one of the first things you will learn is the five basic ballet positions. They are important because every basic move in ballet begins and ends in one of the five positions.In first position, the balls of the feet are turned out completely. The heels touch each other and the feet face outward, trying to form a straight line.In Second Position, The balls of both feet are turned out completely, with the heels separated by the length of one foot. Similar to fir...

July 10, 2014

5 Top Tips for buying Ballet Shoes for Little Ballerinas

Nothing is more exciting for a budding ballerina than purchasing her first pair of ballet slippers.  Here are five tips to ensure you get the perfect shoes for you aspiring dancer:Tip 1: The Perfect FitFor ballet slippers, the single most important factor is a snug fit. The shoe should fit like a sock – not too snug as to curl the toes inside the shoe, and not too loose where you can pinch extra material at the tip of the shoe and the leather puckers.Children's feet are developing and gro...

June 6, 2014

Rosebuds Dance change to Lyrical

Rosebuds Dance is increasing its range to provide a extensive and high quality range of dance products, accessories and footwear.  The new name Lyrical, reflects the upgrade in style, quality, and affordability for studios and stores throughout New Zealand.  Creating the logo and new branding for the dancewear company was a collaboration of efforts and an exciting new way to introduce the new chapter in Lyrical's progression to become one of the leading suppliers of dancewear and cloth...

April 20, 2014


We are delighted to bring you all a few photos taken by one of our beautiful Models Summers mum Lorraine Symons.  Our professional photos and the Fairy tale collection will be released SOON!! EXCITING!!!!...

January 31, 2013

Masquerade Ballet Collection Coming Soon

You are all cordially invited to attend the Rosebuds Masquerade Collection "COMING SOON"...

September 26, 2012

Behind the Scenes of our most recent shoot

Heres a few pics that one of our models parents have shared with us, from our last shoot.  The shoot was for the new Spring range, and the gorgeous Prima Ballerina selection.   The Highden Manor was the perfect setting and an elegant backdrop for our product images....

August 25, 2012


The competition winner Kassia looking stunning in the Lily Tutu, Slippers and Headband ...

August 21, 2012

Models Wanted For A Ballet Photo Shoot

I am wanting ballet experienced girls to model for a photo shoot in Sept Aged 5 to 7 and living or can travel to the Manawatu Please email for an application ...

August 16, 2012

Spring 2012 release

Our new spring range is also about to be released, so many exciting things happening here at Rosebuds!...

August 15, 2012


Every ballerina will love our new range of ballet wear.  Especially designed for dance studios and budding ballerina's.  Keep watching our page for the newest release from Rosebuds Ma Belle Fille...

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